TikToker gets 'the ick' when friend charges her for a water bottle after she paid for everything else: 'The absolute worst'

People are getting fired up after hearing one woman’s story about a time she got stuck paying for her friend during a night out — only to then get a Venmo request from said friend to cover the cost of a water bottle.

The jaw-dropping story was shared by a San Diego woman named Iani (@Iani6991), who still can’t wrap her head around what happened. According to her now-viral TikTok, Iani was enjoying a night out with a female friend when she started to notice that things were kind of getting a bit one-sided.

“No girl, you’re good, It’s just the way that I treated you to dinner, bought our drinks after, and paid for all of our Ubers but you Venmo requested me $3.27 for a bottle of water from 7Eleven that threw me off a lil,” Iani explained in text overlaying her video.

While she doesn’t go into further detail about what happened, this brief synopsis was enough for other TikTokers to sound off, too.


“WHAT,” wrote one commenter, who was clearly speechless.

Another described this behavior as a sign of “the worst kinda people.”

“They stingy with their money but ok with spending yours,” added someone else.

“I literally ended a friendship because of something like this!” another person shared. “Ugh!”

In fact, a lot of people could, unfortunately, relate to Iani’s story and started sharing similar tales about “stingy” friends who screwed them over.

“Girl one time I had a few of my friends over for a galentines at MY house, I cooked the dinner and she venmo requested me a $1 bc she brought wine,” one woman said.

“One time my friend asked me to help her move some stuff and picked me up and then Venmo requested me for gas money for picking me up,” another confessed.

“I used to have a friend like this, she always ‘forgot’ her wallet when we went out and I just cut her off,” someone else wrote. “it’s tiring paying for others all the time!”

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