TikTokers hide in plain sight with ‘who sent you here?’ trend

TikTokers are keeping a close eye on their significant others in a new and creative way, shapeshifting to keep a low profile.

The newest trend on TikTok is for users to surprise their partner, in any way possible. The original video in this trend was the most straightforward, with the person showing up to the person’s front door unannounced.

“Me poppin up in his dreams after he left me on delivered all night,” wrote @mrr.aizawa in the post.

That video currently has over 4 million views and over 17,000 posts attached to the sound.

While the point of view of that video was in someone’s dreams, other TikTokers have taken the trend into the physical world. They’ve disguised themselves as objects near their significant other just to be close to them.


People have hidden in plain sight as jackets, basketballs and even a headrest in the car. TikTokers are stopping at nothing to see their person.

“When he block you on everything so you show up as his basketball,” wrote @dxvinxa2 in a post.

Her video was just one of many, and commenters noticed just how far TikTokers are taking this trend.

“These getting better and better every-time,” said @veeig0.

“Y’all are getting better and better at these it’s scary,” replied @whonaee._.

Some TikTokers have even disguised themselves as a dog just to get back into their partner’s good graces.

"When she blocks you on everything so you show up as her dog," wrote @iambriancoro.

According to the comments, that man’s effort was a great one.


“The way my mouth dropped,” said @agatsumaswife.

While TikTokers may not be on the best terms with their significant others, they are getting praise from other users for their dedication to the costume.

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