This Tiny Cartoon Car Is Bonkers Quick

This Tiny Cartoon Car Is Bonkers QuickCarWow - YouTube

New electric cars have made a joke out of 0 to 60 times. Cars like the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire, which are heavy, large, luxury passenger sedans, can hit 60 in just a smidge more than 2 seconds. That makes cars that are insanely quick off the line, like the McLaren 765LT, look pedestrian. Thankfully, there's the McMurtry Speirling, which makes those EV sedans look dog slow.

If you're not familiar, the McMurtry is a tiny electric concept car with wild proportions, a fan to provide downforce, and currently holds the overall record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb. It looks like something from the mind of Hanna-Barbera, with a single-seat cockpit, a diminutive size, big wheels, and a hulking wing. It was the idea of David McMurty, a billionaire Irish-Englishman who helped develop the engines for the Concorde, among other engineering feats. The company wants to build road and racing models and redefine the hypercar in the next generation.

The main thing? It's beyond quick. Just check the video below (it should start just before the record quarter mile and 0 to 60 times, if not, fast forward to 22:30):

Did you see those figures? It hit 60 in 1.4 seconds, 100 in 2.63, and did the quarter mile in 7.97. That is insanity. Insanity. The sort of speed that should send your eyeballs through the back of your head. Just wild.

CarWow - YouTube

The future of performance is still a murky thing, we don't know where we're going and the more EVs we have doing 2-second runs to 60, the less impressive it becomes. But novel, innovative solutions like this, with fan-powered downforce and a design focused on small size and weight, will never get old. Here's to hoping there are more developments like this in the near future, and fewer family SUVs that can hurdle to 60 in under 3.

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