This all-new tiny but powerful truck proves that bigger isn’t always better: ‘A truck that actually makes sense’

We don’t normally think of trucks as being adorable, but one brand-new electric mini-truck from a Texas-based company is exactly that — and it’s great for the environment.

The Vanish, made by Texas-based company AYRO, is set to hit the market soon with a price of $33,990, and it’s about to embark on a statewide tour to prove its functionality and efficiency.

The AYRO Vanish most closely resembles a version of a Japanese kei truck, a type of small vehicle that is popular throughout Asia and is growing in popularity in the United States. While American-made pickup trucks currently subscribe to the “bigger is better” maxim, the increasing popularity of kei trucks shows that that is not always the case globally.


The Vanish has a hauling capacity of 1,200 pounds, nearly identical to that of a new Ford F-150 with an even longer bed. Meanwhile, AYRO says that it should have a 50% lower operating cost compared to a gas-powered pickup truck.

The truck can be configured into a flatbed, pickup bed, or food box. It will only be able to travel up to 25 miles per hour, so using it for long-distance hauls is out, but it should be more than capable of performing urban and utility work.

Electrek’s commenters were highly impressed by the tiny truck.

“Pickup trucks have gotten too big. This is a nice change,” wrote one commenter. “Those big monsters use too much fuel and are hard to maneuver and park. The trucks from the 1990s were a much better size than offerings from GM, Ford, and RAM today.”

“If the bed can carry the same loads (if not more), then hopefully it’ll make some people rethink the whole oversized pickup scenario,” wrote another. “Years ago I drove an Isuzu diesel pickup not too dissimilar to this and it could handle the loads quite nicely. Served its purpose with nothing to complain about.”

“Wow, a truck that actually makes sense!” wrote a third.

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