What Tiny, Seemingly Unimpressive Car Do You Irrationally Love?

Photo: Erin Marquis
Photo: Erin Marquis

It’s easy to get excited about cool, powerful cars. The growl of a Porsche or the aggressive lines of a Lamborghini or the raw power and outdoorsy bona fides of a Toyota Land Cruiser are meant to be intoxicating. These cars act on our baser instincts, such as a desire for power, speed and strength. But not all cars were made equal. Some are tiny little bursts of joy that, while they won’t get your blood pumping, can still make your heart race a little.

The standard-bearer of cute small cars that attract irrational amounts of love is, of course, Volkswagen, the company that brought us the precious lil’ Beetle, which begat my favorite little underpowered vehicle, the Karmann Ghia.

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