Tire slasher leaves severed finger in Arizona woman's driveway

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An Arizona woman called the police after she found a Halloween-like sight in her driveway. She noticed that someone had slashed her SUV's tires, and a closer look revealed the perpetrator left part of a finger behind.

"I literally have been laughing all day because if I don't, I might cry," Francesca Wikoff told Maricopa-based news channel KCTV5. She's a former EMT, so she's used to seeing gore, but the discovery came as a big surprise.

While photos taken at the crime scene were blurred by police officers before being released to the media, we can tell the slasher left a good chunk of a finger in Wikoff's driveway. It's not just a small bruise. It must have hurt, too. One of her neighbors said he heard a loud scream and a car speeding off about 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 15.

Even without fingerprints, and part of the finger they belong to, finding who slashed the GMC Suburban's tires was simple. Wikoff told investigators she found a trail of blood that starts at the SUV and leads to the house of a neighbor she argued with before the rubber and flesh carnage. What's more mysterious is why he left the finger.

"It's pretty comical. You would think that if you're gonna go to the hospital, especially if you just severed your finger off, that you would take said finger with you," she told KCTV5.

As of writing, investigators haven't been able to find and interrogate the neighbor, but they put the finger in a brown paper bag, presumably to perform DNA tests.