Top 10 best superminis 2024

best superminis
best superminis

The onslaught of high-riding crossovers and full-size SUVs paints a different picture, but small, B-segment hatchbacks – that is, superminis – remain the best-selling cars in Europe.

In recent years, few significant new models have been introduced, but there have been a fair number of facelifts, which have shaken up the rankings. And it's one of these revised cars - the Renault Clio - which we deem to be the best supermini on sale.

To make our top 10 list for 2024, a supermini needs to be so much more than just capable of carrying a couple of adults, a couple of kids and a decent amount of luggage relative to its small footprint. It must now also be desirable, well packaged, easy to drive and pleasant to use. A pedigree performer, in other words.


Dynamically, the key attributes are transparency and good basic agility. Superminis should be inherently nimble and at least moderately fun to drive in all their forms. Sluggish steering is a worse crime than soft suspension. Modest power and five doors are no impediments to a rewarding driving experience.

Increasingly, superminis also offer a level of perceived quality, performance and technological sophistication that bears comparison with that of bigger hatchbacks. And the very best combine some or all of that with the agility that only a small, light car can offer.

How we tested

Autocar first began testing cars in April 1928. Since then, the testing methods have changed, but the fundamentals remain. Collectively through our road test and web teams, we have tested and evaluated every supermini on sale. This includes drives abroad, in the UK and at specialist facilities such as the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire. For some of these cars, such as the Renault Clio, we have lived with them for several months at a time. This article takes our rich data and experienced opinions and neatly distils them into a top 10.

The best superminis