Tornado Picks Up Tesla

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Tornado Picks Up Tesla
Tornado Picks Up Tesla

When you’re out driving around it’s hard to predict what might happen. This is why we personally use dashcams and appreciate that a growing number of production cars have cameras built in. Perhaps the most aggressive example out of high-volume automakers is Tesla and the Model 3/Model Y which are bristling with several right out of the factory.

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One Tesla owner captured something unbelievable that might not have been fully documented with a regular dashcam setup. Randy Williams of Rhode Island was driving to work on October 20 when what appears to be a tornado sweeps across the freeway, briefly picking up his Tesla before it moves on.

If it weren’t for the video footage we don’t know if many people would believe this story, especially since Williams wasn’t hurt and the car only suffered a cracked window. Cal Dymowksi of local station WJAR shared the footage and photo of the damage on X (formerly known as Twitter).


The driver told WJAR that the whole incident happened “so fast” which you can see in the footage. Seriously, it’s almost a blink-and-miss-it sort of event. That’s a good thing, because had the tornado dwelt in a lane of traffic much longer, the Tesla and other vehicles might’ve landed on a witch or someone else.

We doubt the driver even had time to panic or react. Thankfully he didn’t lose his cool and wreck out afterward. This is why we always say to expect the unexpected while driving since you just never know what could happen.

Before anyone argues what you see in the Tesla’s footage isn’t a tornado, WJAR confirmed with the National Weather Service that a tornado was registered in the area at the time. It went on to damage three different communities.