Tornado Takes Out Dodge Challenger

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RIP American muscle car…

Natural disasters are horrible for many things: loss of life, disruption of livelihoods, and of course the destruction of cool cars. Recently, a tornado that struck Palm Beach Gardens in Florida took out a Dodge Challenger along with some less-cool cars. With winds hitting 100 mph as measured near the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, it’s no wonder vehicles were getting tossed around like ragdolls.

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The car carnage was pretty intense, as shown in a WECT report. While not a great loss, except of course to the owner, a Toyota Camry was left with a dumpster resting on its roof. Somehow, that vehicle was largely intact, proving yet again that the Camry is some automotive equivalent to a cockroach.


As for the Mopar muscle car, a photo shows the front driver’s side fender was smashed up, the flare torn off (yes, it’s a Widebody). The hood also appears damaged, and there’s a little bit of rippling on the driver’s door. We can’t see the backend, but we think it’s likely damaged considering another vehicle that’s turned on its side is pretty much mashed up against it.

Things could’ve been much worse: a Kia landed on top of the vehicle on its side. That Kia might have hit the Challenger, which truly would’ve been a tragedy.

Thankfully, no serious injuries or fatalities resulting from the storm were reported. While we care about cars, people are impossible to replace.

This is just another reminder that if you live where powerful storms are a threat and you own some cool vehicles you want to keep forever, It’s worthwhile putting some thought into how they’re stored. A sturdy building that can resist high winds and that won’t easily be flooded should be part of that.

Image via WECT

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