Totaled McLaren Senna Is Looking for Another YouTuber to Crash It Again

Totaled McLaren Senna Is Looking for Another YouTuber to Crash It Again photo
Totaled McLaren Senna Is Looking for Another YouTuber to Crash It Again photo

One of last week's bummer blogs was this clip of a semi-famous car guy allegedly doing a donut and driving into a building with a newly acquired McLaren Senna. Today, pictures of the aftermath have surfaced. So, I guess, congratulations to the owner because the car gets another lap to collect clicks!

It's a tale as old as time, folks. Person buys fast car, person does not maintain requisite respect for said car, large immovable object comes out of nowhere and totally ruins that very same car. The only modern-era elaboration is that now there are a half-dozen cameras documenting every step of the process. I have noticed that the production value tends to drop a lot in the crash sequences, though.

This time the car in question was an exceptionally elite vehicle and a showcase of motorsport technology and heritage—a McLaren Senna once known as "Project Kilo" as it was painstakingly spec'd out and customized.

The thought process on Project Kilo's features and designs was documented by its first owner who goes by "Shadow77" on the McLaren Life forum. They seemed very excited to take delivery in 2018.


Not long after that, the car popped up on YouTube doing what it was built for—track action:

It is nice to see that the car got some track time before its particularly undignified demise on a wide, empty, straight road in LA.

About a week ago, the machine emerged on YouTube again, now in the hands of its apparent new owner:

And then a few days later, we all saw a few angles of phone footage of how the car ended up in the junkyard:\u0026t=1s

The most recent photos of the car, languishing like a Star Wars prop at a junkyard in North Hollywood, are a lot less elegant. Somebody on Reddit took notice late yesterday, and my friend Raph at Road & Track shared the images as well. The car's now being held by salvage auction outfit IAA and you know what that means—it's your chance to ride this car's third wave of attention farming! Somebody's gotta buy it and fix it, right? It won't be me... though that wing would look pretty sick on my 180-horsepower Civic.