Tourist In Ram Truck Gets Busted While Looking For Aliens

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Tourist In Ram Truck Gets Busted While Looking For Aliens
Tourist In Ram Truck Gets Busted While Looking For Aliens

Unfortunately for the good people of Roswell, New Mexico their little city’s infamous past attracts a lot of weird visitors. One of them is this guy from Texas who was driving around town in his Ram pickup, apparently looking for little green men or perhaps lizard people.

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That’s just another day in a place that boasts a world famous UFO museum, but someone called police after they say several packages of marijuana came tumbling out the bed of the truck. Usually that only happens when someone has a lot of pot in their vehicle, and the caller apparently claimed the guy had trash bags full of it, so that’s interesting.


New Mexico State Police went looking for the truck and found it quickly, one of the officers performing a traffic stop which you see in the dashcam and bodycam footage.

As Officer Sanchez approaches the man’s truck, we see he has a dog riding shotgun. Come to think of it, after watching the documentary Men In Black we’re not entirely sure that’s actually a canine, so perhaps this guy’s story about looking for aliens is to throw everyone else off to his extraterrestrial marijuana trade.

Back to reality, the guy denies that he’s transporting any pot and seems suspiciously calm about everything. He tells the officer how he and his “dog” are visiting from Oklahoma after her went through a divorce.

Not to be dissuaded, the officer asks if the guy has bags of trash in his truck and the suspect says he’s not going to let anyone do a search. While that’s within his rights, he like so many others seems to think he doesn’t have to step out of a vehicle when ordered by an officer during a traffic stop. Just so you all know, if a cop tells you to get out of the car, get out of the car.

All this guy’s arguing and refusal to step out of his truck just escalates the situation and makes officers even more suspicious he’s hiding something. This is a great example of what not to do if you’re pulled over.

He gets arrested for resisting/obstruction and that allows officers to process his truck. That’s when they discover the 90.62 pounds of weed the guy is transporting inside, 1.5 ounces of cocaine, plus over $50,000 in cash.

Some seem to think this guy’s ex-wife or someone who really doesn’t like him called police after they learned he was trafficking marijuana while looking for aliens in Roswell. We guess that’s possible. Had he complied with their orders, refused to let them search the truck, well he might’ve gotten away with it, too. Instead, he decided to put up a fight and got busted.

Think he saw any aliens in jail?

Image via NM Bodycam/YouTube

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