Tow Truck Driver Steals Pickup Towing Polaris Buggy In 19-Seconds

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Tow Truck Driver Steals Pickup Towing Polaris Buggy In 19-Seconds
Tow Truck Driver Steals Pickup Towing Polaris Buggy In 19-Seconds

A daring theft occurred in downtown Dallas as a thief utilizing a tow truck managed to steal a pickup truck towing a trailer and a Polaris buggy, all within 19 seconds, leaving resident Adam Lewis bereft of property estimated around $200,000.

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The incident unfolded after Lewis and his family returned from a beach trip late last Monday night. Unable to park his Ford F-250 Limited in his apartment building’s garage due to an attached 18-foot flatbed trailer holding a 2021 Polaris NorthStar Edition, Lewis opted for a nearby public parking lot.


Lewis paid for two parking spots for the night, intending to take the buggy for servicing the next morning. However, upon returning, he discovered his truck and buggy were missing. He initially questioned if the vehicles were towed by accident but was soon informed by the parking lot manager that a tow truck had entered the lot and connected to his property.

The Dallas Police Department is investigating the theft at the parking lot located at 800 Main Street, Dallas. The stolen property and the items inside are reportedly worth around $200,000. The tow truck used in the theft is described as possibly a blue Dodge single-cab pickup with after-market rims and displayed a fake TDLR number.

Lewis has filed an insurance claim and is in communication with Bank of America to assist in the investigation by providing information about the license plates of the tow truck.

Despite the shock of the theft, Dallas police have recovered what remains of Lewis’s truck last Friday. “It was just a shell,” Lewis commented, with notable items, including his three-year-old daughter’s car seat, toys, and puzzles, missing.

Lewis, maintaining perspective on the incident, acknowledges the lower priority nature of his case for the police and even expressed an unusual form of admiration for the thief’s skills. He highlighted the impressive ability required to swiftly steal an F250 attached to a loaded 18-foot trailer, suggesting that such an individual could potentially utilize such skills in a lawful manner.

The investigation remains ongoing under case number 160321-2023. Anyone with information related to the case is urged to contact the Dallas Police Department.