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These towel folding hacks will make your home feel like a spa

Want to make your home feel like a luxury hotel? Try these towel folding hacks! In a few easy steps, you can transform your towel into a flower, a cupcake, or an adorable elephant. Towel folding is a great way to exercise your creativity and make your home feel like a luxurious spa at the same time. Here are 3 towel folding techniques you need to try!

Towel Folding Hack 1: Make a Towel Cupcake

This towel cupcake, complete with “sprinkles,” looks good enough to eat! To make it, fold a small towel or washcloth in half diagonally. Then, fold it up from the point into three sections. Roll up the towel and place it in a cupcake liner, then decorate your “cupcake” by using colorful beads for sprinkles and bits of red sponge to make the cherry on top!

Towel Folding Hack 2: Make a Towel Flower

This elegant towel flower will make stepping out of the shower feel just like a trip to the spa! Start by folding a full-sized towel in half, then rotate it and fold the corners into the center. Flip the towel over, fold the corners into the center a second time, and untuck the outer edges. Then, grab a second towel and repeat this process. Place the second towel on top of the first, then repeat the process a third time with a small towel or washcloth. Place the folded up washcloth on top of the second towel so that they’re sitting in a stack. The stacked towels should look like flower petals. Finish the design by placing a real flower on top!


Towel Folding Hack 3: Make a Towel Elephant

This adorable towel elephant is sure to be a hit with the young as well as the young-at-heart! Start by folding the long edges of a full-sized towel inwards, then roll the short edges toward the center. Flip the towel over and fold it in half, then set it aside. This towel will serve as the “body” of the elephant. Then, grab a second towel and roll the top edges towards the center to begin creating the elephant’s “head.” Flip it over and add a rubber band, then fold the top edges over the rubber band. Manipulate the top corners of the towel until they look like ears, and curl up the bottom to create a “trunk.” Place the second towel on top of the first, add beads to create eyes, and your cute elephant towel is complete!

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