Toyota Camry Driver Mocks Arkansas State Police

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Toyota Camry Driver Mocks Arkansas State Police
Toyota Camry Driver Mocks Arkansas State Police

We’re not sure at what point the Toyota Camry became a legit getaway car, but this one seems to make Arkansas State Police chase their own tail. If you’d told us that in 2023 we’d see such a vehicle used to embarrass such a law enforcement agency, we would’ve told you to lay off the hallucinogens. And yet here we are with the video as proof.

A street racing suspect actually turned himself in.

Like so many police chases, this one starts with the suspect caught speeding. After pulling to the side of the road, the person takes off suddenly. Why do people do this? Do they really think it gives them some sort of advantage? Are they sitting there just debating running from the cops or not? Since we’ve never ran from police, we don’t have any answers, but it’s surprisingly common in chases.


Maybe this pursuit would’ve been over in a flash had it not been for a few mitigating factors. First of all, the vehicle that originally pulled the Toyota over is obviously an SUV and not one of ASP’s Dodge Chargers. We know the anti-Mopar crowd doesn’t like to hear this, but the Chargers are excellent pursuit vehicles.

Then there’s the fairly heavy traffic. You can’t exactly PIT a fleeing vehicle when there are many innocent bystanders who are just trying to get somewhere. This is something police are trained to watch for when performing any TVI, thanks in part to some awful fatalities and lawsuits in the past.

Finally, there’s the fact the lead trooper at one point in the video runs over some spike strips. You can blame it on the trooper or the person who deployed the spikes, but someone goofed up and it made the chase go a little longer.

Still, this must be one of those V6 Camrys because it stays ahead of the trooper in his SUV without much trouble. Maybe ASP should resurrect some Ford Crown Vics? We’re fairly mortified at what vehicles modern police drive.

Ultimately, it wasn’t superior driving or more powerful cars that took this suspect in a Toyota Camry down. No, it was the suspect driving into a dead end and getting surrounded. This battle of the grocery getters sure is ridiculous.