Toyota Crown Thief Crashes Through Dealership Fences, Gate

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Toyota Crown Thief Crashes Through Dealership Fences, Gate
Toyota Crown Thief Crashes Through Dealership Fences, Gate

So the new Toyota Crown is a good battering ram?

If you were wondering just how tough the new Toyota Crown is, we have a fairly good idea now, all thanks to a thief in Hollywood, California. The suspect broke into a Toyota dealership and took the brand’s new flagship sedan for a wild ride, crashing through multiple fences and a gate before leading police on a chase through the city.

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The incident went down just after 11 pm on September 14, says ABC7, when police were notified of a break-in at the Toyota dealership on Hollywood Boulevard.

Video from OnScene TV shows the suspect casually strolling around the dealership showroom, going through key fobs as if he were on a normal shopping trip even though police were outside with guns drawn.


For reasons we can’t explain, police just watched as the guy strolled outside and eventually got into the Toyota Crown. It seems like rushing and arresting the guy as soon as he came into the parking lot would’ve been optimal and would’ve avoided what came next: a whole lot of property damage and a dangerous chase.

Instead, the suspect was shown smiling as he walked around the dealership parking lot as if he was toying with police. Imagine that.

The guy drove the Crown through two chain-link fences and a wrought-iron gate police neglected to block off before making his getaway. Multiple people were filming the whole thing using their phones, showing Los Angeles County has become an absolute zoo.

Later, when police caught up with the suspect we get a pretty good view of damage. The Toyota Crown held up better than we’d expect, so even though this was a senseless crime with questionable police response, at least we can see the new sedan is quite tough.

Some of that damage is from a PIT maneuver, which ABC7 says police used in combination with a spike strip to bring the chase to an end. However, it took until 2 am for the suspect to be arrested as eh tried getting into a Lamborghini dealership. We think he was just having a good time with the long leash police were giving him.