Toyota Increases Production for GR Corolla Circuit Edition

2023 toyota gr corolla
Toyota Increases Production for GR Corolla CircuitToyota

Toyota announced Thursday it plans to extend production of the GR Corolla Circuit Edition into the 2024 model year.

The GR Corolla Circuit was only supposed to stick around for the 2023 model year, but high demand from customers has prompted the Japanese automaker to keep the mid-level trim around.

“We are seeing a ton of enthusiasm and excitement for the GR Corolla, especially the Circuit Edition,” marketing VP Michael Tripp said in a statement. “When Toyota GR fans speak, we listen and our plans are to increase GR Corolla volume and continue offering the Circuit Edition as part of the GR Corolla lineup in 2024.”


As a refresher, the GR Corolla is widely considered by enthusiasts (and us) as the "one to have" out of the GR Corolla range. Nestled between the base Core model and the Morizo track special, it gets front and rear limited-slip differentials, a carbon fiber roof, a big rear spoiler, leather-trimmed heated front seats, a JBL audio system, and a Morizo-signed shift knob, all for $43,995.

Interestingly, Toyota says the 2024 version of the GR Corolla Circuit will carry over "some" of the standard features from the 2023 model, though the automaker doesn't specify further.

Toyota plans to produce roughly 1500 Circuit Edition cars for the 2023 model year, with first deliveries planned in spring. The automaker hasn't said how many Circuit Edition cars it plans to make for 2024, though we expect similar numbers. The company says production of the Circuit Edition for 2025 and beyond is "still under consideration."

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