Toyota’s latest sales data reveals a major consumer shift is underway: ‘It’s a powerful upgrade that drives change’

Toyota is ramping up its transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles, according to new data from the company.

The global auto giant’s latest sales figures reveal the remarkable success of Toyota’s hybrid and EV models, Torque News reports.

In the first half of 2023, Toyota Motor North America sold a total of 270,476 EVs, including hybrids, which makes up 26% of the company’s total sales volume, according to Torque News. Models like the bZ4X, Corolla Cross, Mirai, Sequoia, and Tundra HEV all reported record first-half sales, Torque News reports.

June saw 51,535 EVs sold, making up 26.4% of monthly sales, reflecting a growing desire among consumers to support a cleaner future. The uptick in sales comes as people across the globe struggle to cope with stiflingly hot temperatures. This June was the hottest on record going back 174 years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, per NPR. And this July saw the hottest three-week period on record, per CNN.


Consumers who purchase EVs are not merely investing in cars that are cheaper to run and maintain, they are also significantly cutting back on the amount of planet-overheating pollution they create.

Unlike standard gas-powered vehicles, EVs do not rely on combustion engines that release harmful gas while running. Research has shown that no matter the charging method or the means of battery production, even EVs with the dirtiest batteries are still cleaner than cars that burn gas.

Toyota recently announced plans for an EV with a 900-mile range after just 10 minutes of charging, an unprecedented technology that would address one of the most common hesitations of potential EV owners — range anxiety.

The future of the automobile industry is undoubtedly electric, and Toyota’s commitment to expanding its electrified vehicle options and early successes both indicate that this trend will continue to gain momentum.

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