Toyota Will Reveal the 2024 Tacoma on May 19

toyota tacoma 2024 teaser
Toyota Will Reveal the 2024 Tacoma on May 19Toyota

Toyota has been releasing details about the new Tacoma in a steady drip. Every Tuesday, we've gotten a little bit more. First we learned that it'd offer a hybrid drivetrain, then an overlanding-specific Trailhunter trim. This last Tuesday, we got confirmation that it'll offer a manual. But the slow drip is nearly over. On Friday, May 19, Toyota will fully unveil the 2024 Tacoma.

The worldwide debut is just a couple weeks away. Along with the release date, Toyota also sent out some photos of the truck's silhouette. While most of the photos appear to be relatively standard truck shapes, one features what appears to be a Sport Bar in the bed and an overland-style roof rack. Given that we can also make out the recovery points that were visible in the Trailhunter teaser, it's a safe bet that this silhouette represents a Trailhunter, potentially with dealer accessories.

There are also photos that show a lower vehicle with a shorter cab, all but confirming that the Extended Cab will return for 2024. That seems obvious, but GM made the Colorado and Canyon Crew-Cab-only for 2023. There's another silhouette with a higher ride height, no front air dam, and a recovery point, likely a TRD or a Trailhunter, but these don't show us anything we haven't already heard about. I'm sure we'll learn more next Tuesday, but if you want the full scoop check back here on May 19.

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