Toyota Tries Turning Japanese Factories Off and On Again

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Toyota to Turn Japanese Factories Off and On AgainTOSHIFUMI KITAMURA - Getty Images

Production at all 14 of Toyota’s Japanese assembly plants is slated to resume on Wednesday, following a shutdown related to an automaker-wide system malfunction that prevented parts from being ordered on Tuesday.

According to Reuters, production is slated to resume across 25 of the brand’s production lines starting on Wednesday morning in Japan. Two additional plants are slated to resume operations by the afternoon, bringing operations back to normal by the start of the second shift. Toyota hasn’t specified which model lines were directly responsible for the shutdown. The automaker’s commitment to “just-in-time” production methods means that any supply chain disruptions can have immediate repercussions on a plant’s capability. In fact, the automaker has just started to make headway following the global semiconductor shortage, posting a 29 percent increase in output through June. That’s the largest increase the automaker has seen over the past two years, according to the Reuters report.

Toyota is still investigating the cause of the system error, but it doesn’t believe a cyberattack is to blame. Toyota was forced to cease operations for a single day last year after a parts supplier was targeted by one such attack. That situation also prevented Toyota from ordering parts, but the automaker was ultimately able to rely on a backup network to restart production quickly. While the automaker is still investigating the source of the more recent issue, customers won’t face the problems brought on by a multi-day disruption. That said, even losing a single day of build time is going to add delays into the mix. Of course you could always opt for a Toyota product that was built here in the States, such as Tacoma or a Sequoia.

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