Toyota unveils Tundra horsepower upgrade at SEMA

Toyota unveils Tundra horsepower upgrade at SEMA

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The 2023 SEMA show isn't just about wild truck and SUV builds at Toyota; there's some honest-to-goodness news coming out of Las Vegas in the form of a TRD Performance Package for the existing Tundra pickup. This package includes more power along with some visual upgrades to let you (and everybody else) know exactly what you've got under the hood.

The gains are respectable considering how little goes into the package. On the standard turbo-six, which normally produces 389 horsepower and 479 lb-ft. of torque, you can expect a gain of 42 horses. There's no additional torque (likely to protect the rest of the driveline), but peak grunt comes on 400 RPM sooner than it does with the standard tune. On the hybridized iForce MAX engine, the power output climbs from 437 to 469 horsepower — a 32 horsepower gain.


Toyota extracted the additional power by fitting new air intakes and a cat-back exhaust; the rest was done with a little computer magic (including some calibration changes to make the throttle feel a bit more responsive). Visual enhancements include exterior badges and the custom exhaust finishers shown above.

Since it's a factory package, it comes with the factory warranty. That'll help make the $3,400 price tag a bit more palatable. The aftermarket may be cheaper, but does it come with the same guarantee? And take note, Toyota fans: This is just the tip of the iceberg. While the company doesn't have anything else to announce just yet, similar packages may come to other models in the lineup. In the near term, we'd expect them to be exclusive to cars and trucks that come turbocharged from the factory, but you never know.