Toyota's SEMA lineup includes Tacoma 'Tacozilla' camper, an overlander and more

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Joining in with the big American automakers with some wild SEMA concepts is Toyota. Its custom rides this year are all trucks, including the new 2022 Toyota Tundra full-size truck. The two most impressive were built in-house at Toyota Motorsports Garage, including the showstopping Tacoma "Tacozilla" camper you see above. Let's dig into them, shall we?

Toyota Tacoma "Tacozilla" Concept

This probably would've been a showstopper if Toyota had just slapped a camper shell on the back of a Tacoma with a retro paint job, but the company went further than that. The entire camper shell is a custom one-off fabricated from aluminum by the Toyota team. It was designed to fit the lines of the Tacoma and offer plenty of space, specifically enough for a 6-foot person to stand up straight inside. It's also open to the truck cab for additional space and easy access. Further integrating it with the Tacoma design are the factory rear fender flares added to the camper shell. The camper has all the comforts of home, too, with a full bathroom with hot-water shower, a kitchen with stove and sink and a 3D-printed fold-up dining table. The flooring is even made of teak. The truck picks up some off-road upgrades, too, such as a 2-inch lift, nearly 33-inch all-terrain tires, a winch, skid plates and off-road lights.

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Toyota Tundra TRD Desert Chase Concept

On the other end of the off-roading spectrum is the TRD Desert Chase Toyota Tundra. This one started as a Tundra TRD Pro with the 437-horsepower twin-turbo hybrid V6. From there, Toyota added a custom long-travel suspension system that bolts into the factory locations, along with custom 18-inch wheels from Method and 37-inch all-terrain tires. Making space for those tires and suspension are custom widened fiberglass fenders. The rear gets a comprehensive roll bar and chase rack with two spare tires, compressed CO2, fuel and water tanks, a jack and recovery boards. It also gets plenty of Rigid Industries LED off-road lights, including some on a motorized mount on the roof. This is as close to a Raptor-ized Tundra we've ever seen.

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Toyota Tacoma Overlanding Concept

This one wasn't built by Toyota, but rather Cruiser Outfitters. And you could hypothetically build one just like it, since it uses off-the-shelf parts from all variety of off-road parts suppliers. It has an Old Man Emu suspension set up that raises the truck three inches and has adjustable, external-reservoir off-road shocks, plus new upper control arms. The rear suspension is also backed up with Dakar leaf springs. Roughly 33-inch all-terrain tires are fitted to 17-inch Icon wheels. The body is protected by an ARB front bumper and Expedition One rear bumper and rock rails. It has a bunch of useful off-road tools in the back plus a bed rack, drawers and a refrigerator and freezer. It also has a Warn winch and ARB snorkel and air compressor. The rooftop tent comes from Yakima. It's a showcase of just how much there is available for the Tacoma.

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2022 Toyota Tundra with factory accessories

Rounding out the collection of modded trucks is the most down-to-earth one, a 2022 Tundra with a bunch of factory and dealer accessories. The most interesting of which is the lift kit that adds 2.6-inches of ground clearance to the truck. Other add-ons include a TRD skid plate, aluminum running boards, bed extender, dash camera, swing-out storage boxes, bed mat and a tonneau cover. It also has a set of off-road wheels and tires.


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