Tracking Stolen Vehicle Leads To Shootout, Crash In Chicago

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Tracking Stolen Vehicle Leads To Shootout, Crash In Chicago
Tracking Stolen Vehicle Leads To Shootout, Crash In Chicago

Having a GPS tracker in your car in case it’s stolen is of course a great idea, but you need to be cautious when tracking it down. Yet another shootout erupted when a father and son on the south side of Chicago found the son’s stolen Dodge Durango, illustrating clearly the potential dangers.

Stolen truck crashed into owner’s daughter’s truck.

The son of course reported the theft to police first. But if you live in a big city and have had your ride stolen in the past four years, you know that doesn’t result in much. Realizing the Mopar had a tracker, they activated it and soon saw exactly where it was.


After driving around for a bit, they spotted the Durango and started following it. People riding around in a stolen vehicle usually are a little on edge and for good reason. So when they noticed the father and son following, the alleged thieves opened fire.

That’s when the father and son returned fire. Perhaps the three suspects in the Dodge weren’t expecting that. For that or some other reason, the driver ended up slamming the vehicle into a store. As local news station WGN reported, a minor was taken into custody and a 23-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the shoulder went to the hospital. The third suspect was still at large.

This situation could’ve played out in a way that was far worse for the father and son, so they’re lucky. We’re not going to tell you what to do if your car is stolen – we just want to let you know there’s a chance that tracking it down could lead to a violent confrontation, especially if you follow the suspects around as they’re driving in your ride.

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