Update: Traffic over Grapevine moving again after overnight closure due to shooting

Traffic was backed up for miles on the Grapevine section of Interstate 5 headed into the San Joaquin Valley on Tuesday as California Highway Patrol officers were investigating an incident.

Officers said about 11 p.m. Monday that all of the lanes headed into Bakersfield were closed for police activity as officers investigated a non-life threatening shooting on the highway.

Caltrans said about 6 a.m. that the lanes remained closed at the Grapevine Road exit in Kern County.

Drivers said on social media they were stuck in standstill traffic going back to almost 8 p.m. without any warning.

“Is there a reason one lane can’t be opened?” one commuter said on Twitter. “So many of us have been left for 6+ hours without food, water, medicine, etc. I understand you have to investigate but it seems like it is causing more harm than good at this point.”


Others noted they had more vulnerable family in tow.