Trans-Atlantic Air France Flight Ends With Frightening Tailstrike Incident

Image: Airbus
Image: Airbus

Picture this: You’ve been relaxing on the red-eye from Paris to Toronto, hopping that jet stream from CDG to YYZ. It’s been a fairly uneventful flight, not much to complain about, aside from a crying baby a few rows away, a dude down the row thought it was a good idea to take off his shoes a few hours ago, and the person next to you is hogging the armrest. It’s just a flight. That is, until the pilot smacks the tail of the aircraft into the tarmac and has to turn around to give it another shot.

Thankfully no injuries were reported after Air France Airbus A350-900 flight AF356 touched down on Sunday. The damage to the aircraft wasn’t inconsequential, but it proved still airworthy after bouncing off the frozen Canadian runway. After hitting the ground, the pilot pushed forward on the throttle and got the plane back up in the air instead of risking further strike. It then initiated a 15-minute go-around and came back in to land again, this time without issue.


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