Traveling nurse practitioner has started a second business for weight loss

Courtesy photo

Nurse practitioner Jennifer Gaudet has started a new business, which is particularly notable since she just started another one in December.

That’s when she debuted the Traveling NP, in which she visits patients either virtually or by actually traveling to where they are.

“That is doing so well,” she said.

Everyday Wellness is the second business. It’s a weight-loss program Gaudet developed. It’s strictly virtual, meaning Gaudet has video conferences with clients.

“I tackle it more so as a primary care perspective,” Gaudet said of her approach.

She does lab work at the beginning and tailors the program to individuals.


“It’s not like a general, one-size-fits-all” program, she said.

Since she doesn’t have a bricks-and-mortar space, Gaudet said she doesn’t have to charge as much as similar programs.

The initial visit is $100, and monthly follow-ups — when needed — are $50.

Gaudet said she does not do contracts.

“I don’t want my customers to feel like they’re locked in.”

For the Traveling NP, virtual visits are $50, and in-person visits are $100.

Gaudet does not take insurance.

“That’s why I try to keep my prices low.”

However, patients can use their flexible spending accounts with her.

For now, Gaudet said she doesn’t have set hours. If business picks up to where she’s working too much and too many odd hours, she said she’ll create a more set schedule.

“I really promote being available seven days a week and nontraditional hours.”

Gaudet said she used to work at a retail medical clinic inside a grocery store.

“I’m used to taking just a whole bunch of walk-ins, whatever the needs are, just figuring it out.”

She’ll travel within about an hour of Wichita. For others farther away, she can do virtual appointments.

Her practice focuses on patients’ immediate and minor primary care needs.

For major or chronic issues, Gaudet said she refers patients elsewhere.

She both diagnoses and treats patients. Gaudet prescribes medicine and does lab work.

“It’s really whatever the need is.”