Travis Barker Tells John Cena What His Favorite Car Is

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Travis Barker Tells John Cena What His Favorite Car Is
Travis Barker Tells John Cena What His Favorite Car Is

John Cena has a new TV show where he rides around in his cars with other celebrities, which seems so similar to some other show about comedians or something. Anyway, the latest episode features Travis Barker, you know, the kid who’s married to Kourtney Kardashian. We’re also told he was in a musical band of some sort, probably country. But he’s also a really big car guy or something and that’s why he’s on the completely organic show.

Tom Brady has quite the car collection.

We haven’t watched the episode because it’s on Roku Originals and we don’t have a Roku or a subscription or whatever it takes to watch it, but maybe you do. We imagine John Cena is a really good interviewer after we saw his Mandarin apology skills a while ago, along with his stellar acting in the Fast and Furious, among other high-level productions, so the show has to be top notch.


According to the Daily Mail, Barker gets intimate with Cena and the whole camera and sound crew, plus whoever else was on location for filming, telling the group about some of his favorite rides. His garage is apparently worth over $1 million but he said one of his most prized rides is one Kourtney Kardashian gifted him: a 1987 Buick Grand National Experimental.

It’s great to see millionaires enjoying what was once considered a rather affordable, blue collar muscle car, pumping prices up to the point only fellow millionaires can enjoy them now. It’s stuff like this which undoubtedly makes What Drives You – that’s the super original title of Cena’s new Roku TV show – such a gem to watch, we imagine.

As for Cena, we’ve profiled his muscle car collection in the past and it’s impressive. But he apparently daily drives a Honda Civic Type R, so you can totally trust his opinion on what cars are great and stuff. But you can’t watch his show unless you have a Roku.

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