We tried Texas de Brazil's all-you-can-eat meat dinner for $55 a person. The steak house wowed us, but we'd do things differently next time.

exterior shot of a texas de brazil steak house inside a mall
The closest Texas de Brazil to my house is at my local mall. Lauren Harkawik
  • I tried Texas de Brazil, an upscale Brazilian steak house, for a date night with my husband.

  • I thought the $55 flat-rate meal was worth it, and I'd like to go back.

  • But next time, I'd change the way I approach the meal to get more out of it.

Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian steak-house chain across the US as well as parts of Latin America and Asia.

The chain is known for its $55, flat-rate dining experience with all-you-can-eat meats and sides.

After wanting to try the upscale chain for years, my husband and I finally went for dinner.

The dining room was large, and it had a festive ambiance.

interior shot of texas de brazil steak house
I loved the decor of Texas de Brazil.Lauren Harkawik

The nearest location is in our mall. But once we were inside, the restaurant had a distinct ambiance.


The lighting was dim enough to feel romantic but not so dim you couldn't see what you were doing. I felt a bit like I was on vacation — the vibe was similar to that of restaurants I've eaten at in high-end resorts.

It was certainly a change from my day-to-day meals.

We had a reservation and were seated right away.

lauren looking at herself in a mirror next to her table at texas de brazil steak house
We didn't have any trouble getting a table for a Saturday night.Lauren Harkawik

The restaurant was pretty busy on a rainy Saturday night, so I was grateful I made a reservation.

We were seated at a relatively private table. It was off to itself and next to a mirror, so we had a view of the restaurant's festive decor no matter where we looked.

After meeting our server and ordering drinks, we headed straight to the salad bar.

plates of salmon and veggies at the salad bar at texas de brazil steak house
There were plenty of colorful options at the buffet. Lauren Harkawik

Our server introduced herself, took our drink order, and told us how the restaurant works.

We splurged on a bottle of wine, which pushed our per-person cost to around $100 as drinks aren't included in the flat rate.

With the $55 meal, we could fill our plates at the salad bar, then people would be walking around with a variety of meats that were slow-roasted over an open flame.

The buffet was impressively large, with plenty of salad fixings and vegetables like asparagus and green beans. But my favorite dish was the pineapple carpaccio (thinly sliced raw meat).

Across from the salad bar was a selection of hot dishes.

hot foods under metal domes on a buffet at texas de brazil steak house
I could grab rice, beans, and potatoes from the hot bar. Lauren Harkawik

The salad-bar area also featured a small selection of hot items, which included rice, Brazilian black beans, lobster bisque, sautéed mushrooms, and potatoes au gratin.