Trooper Threatens To Shoot Fleeing Motorcyclist

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Trooper Threatens To Shoot Fleeing Motorcyclist
Trooper Threatens To Shoot Fleeing Motorcyclist

Arkansas State Police are well-known for their no-nonsense approach to law enforcement. That makes them popular targets for the anti-police movement and heroes for those who believe cops have become too gentle with criminals. But this example where a trooper threatens to shoot a fleeing motorcyclist poses an interesting question for everyone else: did the trooper go too far?

Watch a BMW driver run from cops, then whine for his mommy when caught.

The incident in question took place back on September 17 on Highway 65 near Damascus. Using his rear radar, the trooper clocked an approaching motorcycle traveling 92 mph, so speeding and then some. Anyone reasonable who decides to go that fast will say some choice words once they see a cop light up the ol’ cherries and berries, pull over, and take the punishment like a man (or woman).


However, this rider decided to make a run for it, probably because he’s a parolee and didn’t want to get in trouble. So he fled and effectively made the situation worse. We see this crappy life decision play out a lot with repeat offenders, almost as if they’re bad at making sound decisions.

This rider just twists the throttle once he sees the trooper’s blue lights. At one point he’s blasting through a 45 mph zone at 122 mph. But the trooper kept up and pulled up next to the bike a few times, yelling at the suspect to pull over. It was the verbal threat of shooting him that got this guy to finally see sense and pull over.

If this rider were so scared of getting in trouble with his parole officer, why was he speeding like a demon? And when he was caught doing that, why did he think running from a law enforcement officer would make things better?

It’s worth pointing out this guy was riding at these high speeds with no helmet, a muscle shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. He seems to consistently make bad life choices.

But did the trooper go to far with threatening to shoot him? Watch the video and let us know what you think.