Trouble on the Set! Vin Diesel’s Demands Irk Movie Execs for Fast 11

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Trouble on the Set! Vin Diesel’s Demands Irk ExecsManuel Velasquez - Getty Images

Lawd knows there are some real problems in this world—no need to list them here. But forget all those and concentrate on what really matters: Vin Diesel!

Yes, we already know that Fast X Part 2 (or Fast 11 the Final Insult, or whatever it’ll be called) will finally end the Fast Franchise once and for all. All the loose ends will be tied up, conflicts will be resolved, La Familia will be reunited (sure hope so), and many, many cars will be blown up (we can hope).

But is there trouble in Fastworld? Third-hand Hollywood buzz says yes, and that’s enough to have us all freaking the heck out.

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Diesel shows understated intensity. Or joint pain.NBC Universal

According to celebrity gossip site radaronline, last month, Diesel announced the “powerful and exciting” end of the franchise with the upcoming 11th installment, Fast & Furious 11, for which he is reported to demand a $250 million budget.

Problem is, Diesel’s vision is out of line with that of Universal executives, Radaronline said. The suits are “begging” the star to scale back, especially after the last $340-million installment, Fast X, reportedly didn’t do terribly well at the box office.