Truck Driver Ends Police Chase

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Truck Driver Ends Police Chase
Truck Driver Ends Police Chase

We’ve seen truck drivers try to end police chases many times, and it can end in near disaster. However, this instance from way back on March 16, 1993 shows how one semi-truck effectively stopped some fleeing armed suspects as cops were hot on their tail.

Guy shows up to his court date for theft case driving stolen car.

This particular chase, which looks pretty tame compared to our higher-powered and superior handling cars of today, took place in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. That’s the most populous county in the state since the big city, Albuquerque, resides within its borders.


With big city life comes big city problems, something the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office was already used to handling. But these two armed suspects in a stolen car proved to be experienced wheelmen able to give pursuing deputies a run for their money.

That’s when one of the deputies gets on the radio and puts out a call for assistance. Immediately, a truck driver down the road gets on the horn and eagerly offers to assist. Little did deputies know they were speaking with a retired deputy sheriff out of Alabama.

Using his law enforcement training, this trucker starts angling to run the little stolen vehicle off the road. As the smaller car zigs the truck does the same, and back and forth they go across both lanes of the highway.

An aggressive sideswipe threat from the semi compels the suspects to swerve into the dirt median, but they somehow keep going at highway speeds. Considering they’re in some junky, boxy 80s or maybe early 90s car with handling about as slushy as a snowmobile’s, that’s pretty impressive.

But this former deputy turned truck driver still has a few more tricks up his sleeves, as you’ll see in the video, bringing the chase to a sudden, final conclusion.

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