A Truck Driver Nearly Ran Over Wout van Aert on a Training Ride

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A Truck Driver Nearly Ran Over Wout van AertTim de Waele - Getty Images

According to one of his training partners, Wout van Aert was “almost killed” this week by a concrete truck making a close pass while the driver laid on his horn, angry that the group was taking up space on the road, according to

Appearing on the Wielerclub Wattage podcast, one-time yellow jersey wearer Jan Bakelants said that the incident happened while he and van Aert, along with Belgian cyclocross racer Daan Soete, were out on a training ride on Tuesday.

The group was in the midst of their training ride, which left from van Aert’s home in Herentals, Belgium before making its way toward the Dutch city of Eindhoven, when a truck driver appeared to take exception with their usage of the road.

The truck driver—apparently upset that the trio was riding in the road rather than on an adjacent bike path—passed the group so close that van Aert was forced to drive Soete off the road, himself following immediately after. And according to Bakelants, the Tour of Flanders favorite nearly ended up “under” the truck’s concrete mixer.