What Truck Or Van Do You Wish Was Sold In The U.S.?

Image: Volkswagen
Image: Volkswagen

All my homies hate the chicken tax and want it to end. It’s stifling market creativity, pushing up prices for American car buyers, and denying us access to some of the coolest vehicles. This is an infringement on my freedoms, and I will not stand for it! If it was possible to get the 25 percent tariff on imported commercial vans and pickups repealed, there are dozens of great vehicles sold in the wider global market that would absolutely rule to own here in the U.S.

Take, for example, the extremely popular Volkswagen Caddy (above), or the cute and cheerful Citroën Ami Cargo (below). These little vans could work wonders in tightly packed cities for delivering goods to shops, and the streets wouldn’t be blocked by giant UPS or Amazon vans. Reduced operating costs are a godsend for delivery companies, and could result in cheaper in-store prices.

Beyond that, we just like weird stuff that isn’t available here. You don’t really need a reason to love a compact cargo van or a small pickup truck, but they’re certainly cool for hauling a bunch of stuff without paying the price premium and higher operating costs of a full-size pickup truck that doesn’t fit in the average garage.


So, if you had your choice of any trucks or vans that are available in other countries but not the U.S., which would you want? Are you pining for a Nissan Navara or Toyota Hilux? Do you want the extremely popular Renault Trafic or the super-cheap electric DFSK EC35 Chinese delivery van? There are so many options available to choose from which serve extremely well in Europe and Asia, but simply aren’t available here because the Chicken Tax kills the profit motivations of international corporations. Sound off in the comments with your favorite forbidden fruit truck or van. I can’t wait to hear what you pick.

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