Truck Wheelie Stunt Is How Tracks Get Shut Down

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Truck Wheelie Stunt Is How Tracks Get Shut Down
Truck Wheelie Stunt Is How Tracks Get Shut Down

JJ Da Boss, made famous by Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws television show, recently pulled a stunt that even for him is just idiotic. Yet there are people on the internet who just love novelty and don’t have two brain cells to rub together who are just applauding this move even though it’s this sort of thing that gets tracks shut down.

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For the amusement of everyone at Darlington Dragway in South Carolina, the television star let a guy ride in the back of his wheelie-popping drag truck as part of some bet that he couldn’t hold on. JJ, whose real name is Jonathan Day, let this guy lay down in the payload, holding on for dear life as he wore just a helmet and no other protective gear.


The stunt, which was performed during Day’s ArmDrop event has been talked about quite a bit after video dropped on the internet. People rightly are noting that it was reckless and exactly the sort of thing that gets tracks shut down.

In this age of racetracks closing constantly because the real estate crush makes building luxury condos over chic stores more expedient than a venue for gearheads to cut loose, everyone needs to be more sensible. It would be nice to say we think Day or “Da Boss” knows better, but considering some of the other things he’s done and said in the past, one has to wonder.

Still, someone should’ve stepped in, been the adult, and killed the “fun.” The stunt easily could’ve gone poorly, seriously injuring or even killing the guy who stupidly thought the ride would be his ticket to 15 minutes of fame.

But what does “Da Boss” care, anyway? After all, he’s a “street racer” and so will just go racing without a track anyway, right? Not really, and had the stunt gone poorly he might have lost some or all of his high-dollar sponsors. We wonder if some won’t smartly distance themselves from Day moving forward because this isn’t a good look for the hobby at a time when the EPA and plenty of other groups are looking to pull the rug out from under it.

Check out the stupid stunt in the video, but make sure to give it the thumbs down on YouTube. This garbage has to stop.