Try This Simple Trick To Get People Off Your Ride

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Why do people touch cars they don’t own?

If you own a nice car, whether it’s a classic or something more modern, then you likely have dealt with complete strangers touching it. Sometimes it’s just someone admiring the car so much they can’t help but touch the hood, trunk lid, or roof. But a lot of the time they’re posing with it so their friend can take a picture, and that often means full-on sitting on the fender, hood, or rear.

See the aftermath of a speeding Corvette hitting a minivan here.

One YouTuber by the name of Eidan Sanker has come up with a pretty simple solution to this problem. Fed up with strangers using his C8 Corvette for photo ops, the guy started using his remote ignition feature to scare them off whenever he caught them in the act. Even better, he filmed some of their reactions and put them together in a video compilation.


A lot of people jumped up in fright at the sound of the exhaust roaring to life. One girl dropped her drink, which was in a glass bottle, shattering it all over the road. Sadly, nobody faceplanted on the pavement.

When we see a cool car in a parking lot and want to take a picture, we just take a picture without touching it. That seems to be a novel concept. Chalk it up to our parents teaching us that touching other people’s cars without permission is rude and might earn you a bloody lip, but it never even crosses our minds to lay a finger on someone else’s ride.

This problem seems to be worse in some areas than others. We could chalk this up to cultural norms. In certain geographies it’s just understood you don’t touch another person’s property, including their car, without express permission.

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