Tucker Carlson's Misogynistic Attack On Trump Lawyer Unearthed In New Court Filing

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called Donald Trump’s then-campaign lawyer Sidney Powell the c-word in a text message that was made public Wednesday as part of Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against the conservative network.

In a late-November 2020 exchange with an unidentified colleague, Carlson ― who is no stranger to making offensive comments about women ― privately criticized the unfounded claims of election fraud being pushed by the former president and his allies.

When the colleague sent Carlson a news report detailing Powell’s shunning by the Trump campaign because of her increasingly wild conspiracy theories, the widely watched, prime-time personality replied: “That c**t. I hope she’s punished.”

Several days earlier, per legal filings, Carlson said in another exchange that Powell was “lying” and described her as a “fucking bitch” and “crazy person.”


Post-election, Carlson did actually challenge Powell’s claims on air by asking her to provide evidence.

But he has continued to question President Joe Biden’s victory over Trump to this day, even though other previously private messages suggest he did not buy Trump’s baseless claims.

Dominion’s lawsuit alleges Fox hosts made false claims that its voting machines were to blame for Trump’s 2020 loss. In a statement to Mediaite, a Fox spokesperson said Dominion had in its latest release of records “cherry-picked” quotes to “distract from the facts” of the case.