Tucker Carlson Swiftly Fact-Checks Himself Following Fox News Fumble

Fox News host Tucker Carlson owned up to an on-air “mistake” after he falsely claimed that a 2017 clip of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was from 2007 ― a year before the 2008 financial crisis.

Carlson, who gave a subtle nod to the recent Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failures, pointed to Yellen’s remarks Thursday that she didn’t believe “deficit spending” was a main cause of high inflation rates, and then he went after her 2021 statement that inflation would be transitory.

“So she was wrong, but she’s lying about it. This is not the first time she’s been wrong, by the way. Here she was in 2007, one year before the Great Recession,” said Carlson before he flipped to a clip that a Fox News graphic itself showed was from 2017.

Carlson earlier in the program said news organizations exist for people “to assess whether things are true or not,” and he made an assessment for his viewers after his show aired the 2017 clip.


“Our mistake. That was 2017. Clearly she didn’t see this crisis coming,” said Carlson as he corrected himself.

(H/T Mediaite)