How to Turn Your Tesla Model S Plaid into a 200-MPH Track Beast

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2021 tesla model s plaid
Turn Your Tesla Model S Plaid into a 200-MPH BeastMarc Urbano - Car and Driver
  • Tesla will now offer a track-focused upgrade package for 2021+ Model S Plaid units at the cost of $15,000-$20,000.

  • Carbon-ceramic brakes, semi-slick tires, and lightweight Zero-G wheels make up the majority of the package.

  • With Model S sales waning, this package appears to be an effort in stoking excitement and revenue from Tesla's aging sedans.

Tesla's original sedan is getting a refresh this summer, and it focuses on those with a need for speed. If Tesla's Model S Plaid, introduced in 2021, just wasn't performance-oriented enough for you at 1020 hp, this new performance pack edition should fit the bill.

"Designed for the ultimate track experience, the Model S Plaid Track Package delivers high-speed stability, maximum cornering force, and repeatable stopping power during high-performance driving while unlocking a top speed of 200 mph," the release reads.

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Set for release in June, this newly revealed Track Package won't come cheap, however, with the company quoting $15,000 to $20,000 including installation.

What exactly do you get for your tens of thousands of dollars? Given that the Model S Plaid weighs a hefty 4760 pounds, the track package will focus on slowing the model and maintaining grip in high g-force situations. To that end, the most prominent upgrade is a set of 410mm carbon ceramic brake rotors front and rear accompanied by six-piston front, four-piston rear calipers, and "track-ready" brake fluid. Compared to the regular Plaid, that's two more pistons up front and three more pistons in the rear, as well as a significant diameter increase on the rotors.

Tesla says its rotors are special, of course, as a result of being constructed in a unique 3D matrix. Additionally, the company says a layer of ceramic friction covers the entire rotor to reduce brake dust. For whatever that is worth.

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Braking performance is strongly correlated to tire wear and compound, so naturally Tesla is offering an all-new tire and wheel package too. Similar to the current Plaid sits, the track edition will run a staggered setup, with 20-inch Zero-G wheels with 285/35 front and 305/30 rear Goodyear Supercar 3R tires. Originally developed for the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, these tires are about as close to street-driving slicks as you can get, with the added bonus of lightweight construction.

This kit is compatible with Tesla Model S Plaid units built from 2021 and on. Plaid owners can choose to fit the carbon ceramic brakes without the tire package, though that will drop the top speed below 200 mph, Tesla says. Interested customers can purchase this package in the Tesla app come June, with the company committing to shipping the car to a certified service center as a part of the package price.

Following the Tesla Roadster, the Model S was the company's first venture into mass market sales and it was initially a great success, with the Model S and accompanying SUV-like Model X accounting for over 100,000 sales in 2017. But the introduction of the Model 3 and Model Y has dimmed the appeal of the tired Model S. By offering an exciting, racing-inspired package for its largest sedan, it seems Tesla is hoping to find additional ways to make revenue off these aging models. Admittedly, we don't expect many of these models to hit the track, but more power to those who choose this package and use it as intended.

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