Turtle Beach Is Building a Sim Racing Wheel With a Digital Dashboard and Button Box

turtle beach velocityone race sim racing wheel
Turtle Beach Is Building a Sim Racing WheelTurtle Beach

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Turtle Beach, a long-time maker of headsets, controllers, and other gaming accessories, is stepping into the sim racing space with an Xbox-compatible wheel that can also be used for PC gaming. Unlike many of the sim racing wheels on the market, the Turtle Beach wheel comes with its own dashboard and button setup ready to go from the factory.

Like other higher-end sim racing wheels, the VelocityOne Race features a direct drive force feedback motor and a load cell brake pedal. Uniquely, the wheel also comes with both a digital dashboard and a box of adjustable buttons built in. Knobs and buttons on the wheel allow for further individual adjustments, allowing plenty of places to map unique features for individual cars in a simulator like iRacing.


The wheel does not come with a shifter of its own, but it does come with three pedals and should be compatible with other manual gearbox options. The multi-paddle setup accommodates both paddle shifting and a hand clutch, along with a fourth paddle that can be used as a handbrake. That makes the wheel a fit for simulating both modern open wheelers and rally cars, although the flat-bottomed shape could be awkward for a rally stage.

Turtle Beach says that the wheel will launch in February. Pre-orders are currently open, with the whole set selling at $649. That is more than double the price of Logitech's dual motor G920 wheel, but more affordable than Fanatec's Forza-branded direct drive wheel and pedal package.

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