Twin-Turbo GMC Truck Is A Wild Build

People are either going to love or hate this.

At first glance, you’re either going to be incredibly intrigued by this twin-turbo GMC truck or completely turned off. While forced induction can be controversial, even more polarizing is the practice of slamming pickups within an ant’s breadth of the pavement. Even with air suspension systems allowing drivers to select a more sane ride height for traveling down rougher roads or traversing driveway skirts, people sure can get worked up at just seeing such a thing.

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Others realize there are serious benefits to dropping the ride height of a truck. Primarily, it takes the center of gravity and puts it far closer to the ground, a huge plus for anyone who cares about handling. Living in an area with winding, twisting mountain road is enough to make you appreciative of that performance enhancement.

Still, lowering a truck means it no longer really works for doing truck things. We get why people don’t like that since towing and hauling heavy stuff is something you can’t usually do with anything else. Dropping a truck down so low means you’re not likely to do any of that.


On the other hand, classic pickup trucks like this one have a lightness advantage. Sure, in the snow and ice not having a lot of weight in the back end can make for some interesting, even hair-raising times, but this is a desert rat vehicle so not having the extra stuff loaded between the axles can be an advantage.

Then there’s the Vortec twin-turbo kit installed on this GMC. Supposedly this ride is pushing over 1,000-horsepower from the forced feeding, a claim that’s believable considering the size of those matching snails.

We love the fact the owner kept the interior pretty much factory original. That and the American Racing wheels look good with the overall tone of the build. What do you think of this truck?

Check out the video to see more of it.

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