Two Awesome Torinos Are Selling At GAA Classic Car's Auction

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Which One Would You Choose?

Get ready to witness a spectacular duel at the GAA Classic Car's Auction where two magnificent Torinos are set to steal the spotlight! Explore the exceptional features, impeccable designs, and outstanding performance of these iconic vehicles as they go under the hammer. Whether you're a classic car aficionado or a prospective buyer, join us in delving into the fascinating details of these automotive masterpieces and decide - if given a choice, which one of these awesome Torinos would you drive away with?

1970 Ford Torino GT

Step back in time this November and experience the allure of the rare 1970 Ford Torino GT at the upcoming auction! This stunning blue convertible, adorned with a pristine white interior, isn’t just any classic—it’s one of the 13 Special Production Show Cars meticulously crafted by Ford. Originating from Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, this exclusive piece, boasting a powerful 429 CID 4 Barrel Carbureted V8 Engine and the sleek C6 Automatic Transmission, stands as a symbol of refined craftsmanship and timeless design. With its meticulous build dating back to July 4th, this iconic vehicle was one of the pioneering 429 convertibles to roll off the assembly line in Lorain, solidifying its place in automotive history. Accompanied by its original owner’s manual, factory dealer’s invoice, and a deluxe Marti report, this Torino GT promises a blend of authenticity and elegance, echoing the captivating legacy of the golden era of muscle cars. See it here.


1969 Ford Torino GT

Get ready to witness automotive brilliance this November with the 1969 Ford Torino GT—a black beauty with a dash of red sophistication inside, set to steal the spotlight at the upcoming auction. This coveted coupe isn’t just a visual masterpiece, but a storied emblem of Ford's illustrious history, documented meticulously with two original build sheets and distinguished as a Goodguys Muscle Car of the Year Finalist. Previously featured in the Hemmings Muscle Machines’ February 2014 issue, this unique creation stands as the only one of its kind, per the Marti Report, with its potent 428 Super Cobra Jet and sophisticated W-Code 4.30 Rear End. Initially gracing the roads through Orange Motors in Albany, New York, this ravishing vehicle underwent a meticulous rotisserie restoration by Jeff Estabrook, retaining its original red interior and the unique dealer emblem, echoing its timeless appeal and unparalleled authenticity. With an estimated $175K invested in its revival, this 1969 Ford Torino GT, a marvel in Raven Black, invites connoisseurs to relive the golden era of muscle cars with its unmatched elegance and enduring legacy! See it here.

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