Two F2 Drivers Nearly Collide in Monaco Tunnel

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Two F2 Drivers Nearly Collide in Monaco TunnelF1 TV

Talk about a close call. When Formula 2 driver Ritomo Miyata unexpected slowed after entering the tunnel turn during his Group A qualifying run for the F2 Monaco Grand Prix, fellow driver Isack Hadjar wasn't aware of what was happening ahead of him — forcing him to perform a hair-raising last-second jag to avoid a terrible accident in the blind corner.

Watching the F1 TV replay explains what happened leading up to the near-crash. In the footage, you can see the Japanese rookie lose power right before he turns into the blind corner, placing him out of sight; Hadjar had no chance to see him until the absolute last possible second. The two even touched tires, Hadjar's front left making contact with Miyata's rear right — but Hadjar was able to pull away quickly without further incident.


Luckily, Hadjar rebounded from the tunnel and captured second in Group A qualifying with a lap time of 1:21.44o, just 0.157 behind Richard Verschoor, who claimed his first F2 pole.

Hadjar currently sits third in the F2 standings after his win last weekend at Imola. Miyata is 12th in the standings and fifth in the F2 rookie campaign.

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