Two Ferraris Miss Corner, Catch Air, Crash Into Wall

ferrari synchronized crash
Two Ferraris Miss Corner, Catch Air, Hit WallAntonio Pio Guerra / YouTube

Crashing your Ferrari in Italy is bad. Crashing your Ferrari in Italy while someone else also crashes their Ferrari in Italy, in the same corner, at the same time, is a disaster. Unfortunately for the drivers of a 296 GTB and an F12Berlinetta, a pair of drivers accomplished just this feat over the weekend.

A security camera caught both cars at the moment of impact. Both came into the same corner far too fast, simultaneously sliding off the road. In quick succession, they then each hit the same mound of dirt, fly into the air, and slam into a wall outside of a nearby house. The F12Berlinetta then begins billowing smoke, part of a much larger fire also caught by the same YouTube user. Another clip from that user shows that fire being extinguished by a crew at the site of the crime. The 296, which has batteries that could have created complications in a fire as part of its hybrid system, seemingly did not catch flame.


Both drivers were reportedly on vacation with friends. Each was transported to a nearby hospital, but their injuries were not said to be serious. The cars, however, appear to be badly damaged. The burnt F12, in particular, is not likely to show up on the road again any time soon.

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