Two-Tone Paint May Add a Year to a Volkswagen ID Buzz Order

volkswagen id buzz
Two-Tone Paint May Add a Year to VW ID Buzz OrdersVolkswagen

The Volkswagen ID Buzz may not be ready for the U.S. market yet, but the European model was finally revealed last March to great fanfare. A resulting flood of pre-orders has left some European buyers looking at delivery times in mid-2024, a year and a half from today. Volkswagen told the United Kingdom's Autocar that some particularly labor-intensive options are responsible for some of those long wait times, adding that some customers have been able to opt out of those options to ensure an earlier delivery.

The biggest logjam is apparently the two-tone paint seen on both cars when they debuted last year. According to what Volkswagen told Autocar, selecting two-tone paint is currently the difference between an 18-month wait and a 7-month wait. Buyers are also being told that an optional infotainment system upgrade is leading to delays, thanks to ongoing semiconductor supply issues. Those with orders in are being given the option to either opt for lesser specifications and get their vans sooner or wait it out and get their original orders; per a Volkswagen representative quoted by Autocar, both options have had takers.

There are still ID Buzz variants in the works, too. The performance-oriented GTX, the camping-ready variant, and the long wheelbase version that will be the basis of the ID Buzz offered in the United States have all yet to be revealed. Hopefully, the company figures out its biggest production logjams before adding all those new options into the market.

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