TX2K23 Mustang Crashes Racing Lamborghini Huracan

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This crash could have ended way worse…

This year's Texas 2K proved to be quite the spectacular event with all sorts of high-powered racing vehicles coming out to lay down 9-second quarter mile times and even faster. everything from GTRs with 3,000 horsepower to supercars of an Italian infection showed up with the competition in mind. However, something that you'll notice this year's event had going for it was the ever-present lineup of Lamborghinis ready to show off their performance. another automobile whose drivers were ready to turn heads where the Ford Mustang. of course you know that where there are Mustangs, there are crashes.


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This must have been the thought process of spectators who watched vigilantly as a Mustang took off down the drag strip only to crash right in front of a Lamborghini. from the perspective of what looks like a Huracan, Mustang took off and spun the back tires just a little bit too much sending him careening to the right. immediately, the front end of the vehicle smashed into the wall at pretty high speeds which sent the hood flying up and various pieces of the car scattering across the track. Just behind the American Pony car, the Lamborghini slowed down and was able to stop in time to rescue his own vehicle.

However, it's clear that the Mustang was not as lucky with the front bumper completely smashed and steamed pouring out of the engine bay. As the car went spinning 360° multiple times down the track, one can only imagine what the driver must have been thinking. it was probably something along the lines of "holy crap" and we can't really blame them there. Thankfully it doesn't look like anybody got hurt but the mustang is going to need some serious work done to get it back up and running and then race condition. On the bright side, at least the driver really showed everyone what a Mustang can do.

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