U-Haul and … Ope! Cops Stop U-Haul With an Isuzu Rodeo Hanging Out of It

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Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter
  • Washington State Patrol pulled over a U-Haul hauling an Isuzu Rodeo.

  • This Rodeo, however, was being hauled rather than towed.

  • According to radio station KXLY, the driver was fined and their license was suspended.

Washington State Patrol pulled over a U-Haul van with a first-generation Isuzu Rodeo hanging out the back, with Trooper John Bryant posting a photo of his colleague's catch on Twitter.

Spokane, Washington radio station KXLY reports that the driver of the truck, which was pulled over just north of Okanogan, received a $139 fine for “failing to secure their load with safety chains.” Additionally, the driver’s license was reportedly suspended, and both the U-Haul—which was allegedly overdue for return—and the Rodeo in its cargo hold were impounded.

Despite the real safety concerns of this setup, we can't help but sympathize a little with the perpetrator. If you ask us, that U-Haul's a bit of a racket. Sure, the company claims you can rent its trucks for "as low as $19.95,” emphasis on "as low as".

Yeah, you can rent a U-Haul for $19.95, but you'd better not plan on going anywhere in it, because that’s when the mileage fee kicks in. And at this point, you might as well buy the insurance, too, because who knows what other fees U-Haul is hiding? Better to avoid the risk of paying an outrageous fee for something as small as a cracked headlight or a small scrape on the rearview mirror housings.

Photo credit: Smith Collection/Gado - Getty Images
Photo credit: Smith Collection/Gado - Getty Images

Need a dolly? Or a trailer for towing your personal car? Oh, U-Haul will help you . . . for a price. Suddenly, this $19.95 rental is creeping up toward (or past) the $100 mark.

While we certainly don’t condone this individual's tomfoolery, we have to give credit to this driver for the lengths they went to avoid paying U-Haul the fees for a van and a trailer—it’s time someone take a stand against U-Haul’s verkakte pricing model. Alas, as this poor schmo learned the hard way that sometimes you stick it to the man, and other times the man sticks it to you.

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