UK Speed Limit Increase Seems To Be Going Nowhere

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UK Speed Limit Increase Seems To Be Going Nowhere
UK Speed Limit Increase Seems To Be Going Nowhere

Some Brits started a Parliament petition to try getting the government to increase speed limits to 100 mph in certain areas. It seemed like a pipe dream and well, just like all pipe dreams it’s going nowhere despite thousands of people jumping on the bandwagon.

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Over 42,000 British citizens signed the petition to increase motorway speed limits to 100 mph, says Express, but that wasn’t enough for such a radical change to be enacted. The petition also called for dual carriageway speed limits to be increased from 70 mph to 80 mph.


The effort was made not just because Brits have a need for speed, something we can understand, but also as a way to alleviate congestion and help people get where they’re going in less time. Apparently, the UK government wasn’t the least bit persuaded to even review such a proposal.

And with the petition likely not reaching enough signatures required for it to be debated in Parliament, it probably is dead in the water for now. That requirement is 100,000 signatures by the end of May, so in other words today, more than doubling the current count.

Not everyone was keen on raising speed limits. Just like when that’s been done here in the US and elsewhere, safety advocates come out of the woodwork to claim higher speeds automatically mean greater danger.

While collisions at higher speeds are often far worse, Elouise Marie Auld, who created the petition, has said it’s not a factor since “modern vehicles have advanced safety features.” We assume she’s talking about radar cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blindspot detection, airbags out the wazoo, and better safety cell reinforcements versus older cars.

It would’ve been cool to have something more like the Autobahn in the UK and it would be great to see something like that in the US, but we’re not exactly holding our breath until it happens.

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