Unhinged Dodge Charger Girl Takes Breakup Way Too Hard

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Unhinged Dodge Charger Girl Takes Breakup Way Too Hard
Unhinged Dodge Charger Girl Takes Breakup Way Too Hard

There’s nothing quite like an unhinged chick with a Mopar muscle car who can’t take no for an answer. This girl named Samanta showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s house, actually his mom’s house but he lives there, and refused to leave. When police arrived, she tried to just ignore them and almost got herself arrested, but at the last minute seemed to come to her senses and left.

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But she wasn’t anywhere near done acting badly. Already upset about getting dumped and being told she can’t just hang out knocking on the front door of his mom’s house endlessly, she decided to show off what her Dodge Charger could do.

Roasting the tires on your ride in front of cops is a bad idea. Doing it in front of the cops who responded to your domestic situation and almost arrested you is even worse. While she didn’t angle to hit the one officer standing in the road, she did blow through a stop sign and speed off.


Her erratic driving triggered a little bit of a police chase and to the shock of nobody, she didn’t pull over for a bit. How could these officers not understand that if her man doesn’t want to talk to her anymore she doesn’t have to follow the rules of the road?

When she is stopped and held at gunpoint, the girl who refused to talk before suddenly becomes the ultimate victim, tearfully claiming she did nothing wrong. Then she passively resists police and keeps typing on her phone like a text message is more important. After getting cuffed she tries arguing.

Let this serve as a warning to not only men but also women, because let’s be honest there are guys who behave this way as well: be careful who you date. There are some really unhinged, immature, and quite frankly crazy people out there.

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