Unplugged Performance Has Lots of Off-Road Hardware for Tesla Cybertruck

an unplugged performance tesla cybertruck driving on a sandy road
Tesla Cybertruck Tuner Reveals Off-Road PackagesUnplugged Performance
  • Unplugged Performance has tuned Teslas before, most notably the Model S.

  • Because it's right next door to Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California, Tesla seems to have a special relationship with the brand. Thus, it revealed its Cybertruck tune almost immediately after Elon Musk started deliveries.

  • Parts range from a Starlink satellite mount for $75 to a $10,000 lift kit.

Location, location, location—those are the three most important words in real estate and, it turns out, they’re also important for successful Tesla tuning.

Unplugged Performance, the self-proclaimed industry leader in performance upgrades for Tesla vehicles, is located a coaxial cable or two away from Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink in Hawthorne, California.


As such, it has often produced tuner parts for various Tesla vehicles long before any competitors. For instance, it revealed its take on the Tesla Cybertruck almost immediately after Elon Musk himself began deliveries of the angular pickup in Austin, Texas.

“This is an extensively engineered and comprehensive approach to unlocking maximum potential of the beast that is Cybertruck,” said Unplugged Performance CEO Ben Schaffer. “We’re shipping to first Cybertruck customers on some of these items as early as next week.”

unplugged performance tesla cybertruck
You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on your truck.Unplugged Performance

The Unplugged treatment goes a long way to changing the Cybertruck from an angular affront to all things pickup into a rugged-looking, post-apocalyptic zombie stomper.

Available parts include:

  • 2.5-inch lift kit for $9995. Unplugged Performance says there’s “…no risk of topping out the air shocks (while) allowing for correct camber, caster, and toe alignments. The Tesla Cybertruck’s air suspension functionality remains intact. Heavy-duty 5-Axis CnC 6061 billet machined suspension components are Baja-ready and are highly adjustable for advanced alignment options.”

  • Rear bumper and hardcore trailer hitch receiver for $3995. “This system replaces the standard plastic rear bumper and rear trailer hitch receiver with more resilient Unplugged Performance INVINCIBLE® steel parts.”

  • Invincible HD front bumper for $2995

  • Front and rear carbon-fiber fender flares for $2895 “…turn the badass meter to 11,” Unplugged promises.

  • HD rock sliders for $2795. “This rocker protection system completely replaces the factory plastic units with carbon-steel rocker panels that include bolt-on modular rock sliders for unprecedented strength and protection for the stainless steel body and batteries,” the company says.

  • Underbody armor for $2295. These are the exact words UP used to describe this product: “The UP INVINCIBLE® Underbody Armor provides ribbed protection for your truck’s pleasure.”

  • HD front bull bar for $1995

  • Carbon-fiber hood with 50-inch LED light bar for $1995

  • Bead lock forged wheel and tire package for $1952.75 to $2290.75

  • Three different wheel choices from $1498.75 to $2471.29

  • HD roof rack set for $1395

  • High-performance street and off-road brake rotors for $1195 to $2390

  • High-performance brake rotor pads for $395 to $790

  • Sway bar quick-disconnect for $325 to $595

  • Wheel spacers for $155

  • Truck bed storage slider system for $100

  • Starship Starlink mount for $75

That’s not even everything. There are other parts awaiting Cybertruck buyers at

unplugged performance tesla cybertruck
Some parts from the lift kit. Unplugged Performance

“UP INVINCIBLE® represents a concerted effort to harness and amplify the rugged DNA of the Cybertruck, making it even more robust and capable in a variety of challenging environments,” Unplugged Performance said.

“The UP INVINCIBLE® collection is designed to empower Cybertruck owners, equipping them to conquer the toughest terrains, embark on extraordinary adventures, and enhance the Cybertruck’s inherent capabilities,” said Schaffer. “While we are renowned for our high-performance racing suspension and brake upgrades, UP INVINCIBLE is about infusing that DNA into that of the Cybertruck to take it to new heights and enhance the experience at every level.”

Schaffer in a note to Autoweek, “This is a fun one for us since we’re known for racing and this is an entirely different approach. A great challenge and we’re up for it!”

All that remains to be seen is how fast Tesla can crank up the Cybertruck assembly line. We look forward to driving one of these—even one without the Unplugged Performance parts, if necessary.

If you got your hands on a Tesla Cybertruck, which aftermarket goodies would you like to add? Please comment below.