Utah Police Stop Stolen Dodge Challenger Going 140 MPH

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Utah Police Stop Stolen Dodge Challenger Going 140 MPH
Utah Police Stop Stolen Dodge Challenger Going 140 MPH

Stolen Mopars are everywhere these days.

Heber City, Utah is about the last place we’d expect to see a high-speed chase involving a stolen Dodge Challenger, but that’s exactly what went down in the quiet mountain community recently. It turns out the Mopar muscle car, which had been stolen down in the valley previously, had eluded law enforcement before, but Heber cops put the smack down on the suspects.

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According to the Heber City Police Department, the Challenger was stolen on the morning of September 7 from Spanish Fork. After successfully running from Utah County deputies, the two juvenile thieves drove through the canyon and ended up in Heber City where officers noticed the expired tags. We guess that’s one way to make sure thieves get busted if they steal your ride!


Of course, the thieves didn’t want to stop from police, so they took off down Main Street, which transitions into Highway 40 and is relatively straight, allowing for great high-speed runs. With those conditions in place, the kids pushed the Dodge to 140 mph.

At one point, the suspects exited the highway and turned around, and got back on going toward Heber City. That proved their undoing because police were ready with spike strips, which were successfully deployed. The kids only made it six miles after they turned around.

We see only a little bit of damage to the rear quarter panel on the driver’s side of the Challenger, so police didn’t even have to do a hard PIT. The owner should be happy about that. Then again, whoever owns this Mopar has questionable tastes as clearly demonstrated by the janky fender flares and serrated slats. Oh and don’t even get us started on the roof canards.

Police used the opportunity to remind people to lock their car doors. Did this Mopar owner not lock this lovely Challenger? We know a shocking number of people with push-button ignitions leave their keys in the cupholder overnight, so who knows.

Image via Heber City Police Department