Cars as Valentine's Day Gifts: Window Shop with Car and Driver

window shop valentine's day
Cars as Valentine's Day Gifts: Window ShopCar and Driver

Love is in the air during the latest episode of Window Shop with Car and Driver. Majordomo Tony Quiroga gave each of the participants $100,000 to spend on a car to gift to someone else on the panel. Valentine’s Day is a scam holiday set up by the floral cartel and the continuing perfume conspiracy. So think of us giving each other cars as a protest against all those evil florists and expensive odors.

In this setup, editor-in-chief Quiroga found a car from the Internet for beloved contributor Jonathon Ramsey. Ramsey found something for senior editor Joey Capparella, who in turn shopped for Quiroga. Senior editor Elana Scherr fake-bought a thing for executive editor K.C. Colwell, who, ultimately, would have to fake-buy something for John Pearley Huffman who continues to be employed by Road & Track. And Pearley found a car for Scherr. So much love. So much romance. So Valentine’s Day.

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